Christoph Callies (*1987)
After beginning to play the violin at the age of twelve, Christoph Callies completed his Bachelors Degree in Lübeck with the highest mark, and is currently studying towards his Masters Degree with Maria Egelhof. Furthermore, his playing has been technically and musically influenced by the guidance of Heime Müller and Günter Pichler.
Christoph Callies has performed successful concerts as a soloist with a number of youth- and professional orchestras in germany and overseas, including the Southwest German Philharmonic, Contance.
Since 2013, Christoph Callies is teaching at the Musikhochschule Lübeck as the assistant to Maria Egelhof.
A number of funds have supported the young violinist, including Feldtmann Kulturell, the Sponsors of the Lübeck Music University and Jehudi Menuhins Live Music Now programm. Christoph Callies has also received scholarships from the Ad Infinitum Fund, the Possehl Fund and the Dr. Ursula Kuhn Fund.
The Mainz based luthier, Peter Körner, has generously loaned Christoph Callies a violin made by G. F. Pressenda from 1825, which he currently plays.